Yokozuna Ultimo Disc Brake, Post Mount


242.00 $ 319.99


This cable/hydraulic hybrid disc brake system offers power and modulation of fully hydraulic brakes without the complexity and hassles that sometimes accompanies those systems.

The Ultimo’s main difference from the Motoko is the Ultimo has four pistons (vs. 2), larger pads, and is slightly lighter. The rotor is also equipped with removable aluminum heat sinks.

  • Reliable cable-actuated disc brake, perfect for CX, Road, and Gravel
  • Four coated piston design for ultimate power and control
  • Caliper features a closed hydraulic system, using mineral oil
  • Dual Piston pad action with simple one knob pad adjustment
  • International Standard/Post Mount Standard (includes IS to Post Mount Adapter)
  • Uses Saint/Zee D-type disc pads
  • Compatible with any cable-actuated Road brake levers
  • Compatible with cable-actuated Road Brake Levers (SHORT PULL)
  • Includes forged caliper, pads, caliper mounting bolts, 6-bolt 160mm rotor, and Reaction premium compression-less brake cable set. IS adapters are included with the 74mm calipers
  • Kit: Choose from Front or Back
  • Caliper: 74mm
  • Rotor: 160mm
  • Color: Choose from Black, Silver, or Pewter
  • Weight: 139g (caliper only)