WTB Deva Pro Saddle - Black


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Among the most loved saddles in WTB history. The Deva is back, in all its previous glory, with updated graphics to match its diverse usage. Same high-performance shape, same amount of generous padding, same short nose for easy on-off transitions, same strategically placed gel inserts on the ProGel model. Designed to suit the female form, without the presence of flowers or pink butterflies. So incredibly comfortable that even the manliest men are able to look past the women’s-specific label.

  • Pro - Synthetic cover, flex-tuned shell, Comfort Zone and DNA padding
  • Mid-width and short saddle is suited for all mountain bike disciples and can easily cross over to riding the road
  • Microfiber cover with flex-tuned shell, Chromoly rails and DNA padding
  • The popular saddle has returned!
  • Broader nylon fiber shell, suitable for male or female riders


  • Gender/Age: Women's
  • Rail Material: Chromoly
  • Clamp Style: Std Rails
  • Color: Black
  • Saddle Cut Out: No
  • Length: 257 mm
  • Width: 142 mm
  • Weight: 208 g