Wolf Tooth Hanger Alignment Tool - Thru Axle and Quick Release Kit

Wolf Tooth Components


The Pack Hanger Alignment Tool allows quick adjustments to be made to the derailleur hanger on the fly. Whether you're on the trail or in the workshop, this tool makes alignment fixes quick and intuitive as you only need to adjust the hanger handle until it is parallel with the indicator rod. By using the bike's axle for reference, there's no need to be concerned with the wheel during hanger adjustments.
  • Quick, easy deployment at the trailhead or workshop with all components ready to go inside the handle.
  • Tightening knob employs a clever rock-to-lock thread engagement that saves time while installing and removing.
  • Alignment is made by a simple, intuitive process of lining up the handle to the indicator rod. (No turning the wheel or dodging spokes required)
  • The components of this tool nest inside of the handle for simple and durable storage.