Wolf Tooth CAMO Stainless Elliptical Chainrings

Wolf Tooth Components


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CAMO is all about choice - these stainless rings are made from 416 Stainless Steel for durability, strength and performance. Featuring an elliptical profile, they're designed for maximizing traction and pedaling efficiency. 
  • Elliptical shape for improved power transmission
  • Benefits of the CAMO system include: Perfect chainline - for minimum wear and shifting precision; optimal material usage - for weight, stiffness, and wear; price - for less expensive replacement chainrings; swapping - very fast chainring change out with 5 small bolts and no nuts
  • Made from hardened and electro-polished 416 stainless steel
  • Lasts 5-10x longer (or even more) than 7075 aluminum chainrings
  • The simplest way to explain the way these rings feel is having 2 teeth less in the weak part of your pedal stroke and 2 teeth more where you have the most power
  • Features Wolf Tooth's Drop-Stop tooth design for maximum chain retention
  • Optimized for use with 10, 11, and 12 speed chains
  • Requires the use of a CAMO spider
  • Not compatible with 9 speed chains

Note: This is a CAMO chainring ONLY. A CAMO spider is required to complete this system. Not compatible with any other spider