Wolf Tooth CAMO Direct Mount Spiders

Wolf Tooth Components


CAMO Stands for Chainline and Material Optimization. Available in various chainlines and spider configurations, CAMO spiders allow the use of previously unavailable chainring styles, materials and chainline in a lightweight, modular and customizable package. These spiders are only compatible with CAMO rings and bolts.
  • Benefits of the CAMO system include: perfect chainline for minimum wear and shifting precision; optimal material usage for weight, stiffness, and wear; priced for less expensive replacement chainrings; quick chainring change out with 5 small bolts and no nuts
  • M8 (minus 8mm - dished towards the frame) is for standard 49mm chainline (GXP and BB30 Long Spindle). This is for use on bikes with 135mm QR, 142mm thru axle, and some 148mm bikes
  • M5 (minus 5mm - dished towards the frame) is for 52mm chainline that boost bikes may need
  • M2 (minus 2mm - dished towards the frame) is for a 49mm chainline on a BB30 short spindle crankset
  • P2 (plus 2mm - dished outwards away from the frame) is for fat bikes that have 190/197 rear spacing but use a 100mm spindle
  • CAMO spider includes 5 black chainring mounting bolts
  • Made from Aluminum alloy for light weight
  • Designed and manufactured in Minneapolis, MN USA
  • Reverse dish allows for the usage of 100mm cranks on a 190/197mm rear ended bike
  • Torque bolts only to 3 Nm - they are aluminum and can be damaged by excessive torque

*Note that this is a CAMO spider ONLY - a CAMO chainring is required to complete this system