Wolf Tooth WolfCage Combo Pack: Includes 49T Cog, 18T Cog, and Derailleur Cage for Shimano 11-speed

Wolf Tooth Components

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The GC 49 is the latest addition to the legendary GC line and it's the biggest yet. The GC 49 cassette extender cog allows you to modify your 11 speed 11-42t cassette from Shimano to create an ultra-wide range 11-49t cassette. To achieve the optimal shifting, these GCs are optimized for Shimano Cassettes. Includes 18t cassette cog for optimal gearing in the smaller cogs.

You might ask why 49t rather than 50t, and the answer is simple...It allows nearly double the number of shift gates from 4 on a 50t to 7 on a 49t...so you get much faster shifting. With cogs this big this is critical as you can be waiting nearly a half revolution of the crankset before you will see a shift with only 4 shift gates. The 49t is only 2% different than a 50t, which is so small it won't be noticed.

  • Kit includes the WolfCage, GC49, and 18t cog - Remove the 17 and 19t cogs and replace them with the 18t
  • Wolfcage is ONLY compatible with Shimano 11-speed rear derailleurs
  • Compatible only with Shimano 11-speed 11-42 and 11-46 cassettes
  • Compatible with all 11 speed chains
  • Chain wear should be less than .5 when installing a new GC or chainring
  • WolfCage fits XT-8000 GS Cage
  • Weight: 110g (GC49), 22g (18t cog), 22g (WolfCage)
  • All WolfCages are black
  • GC49 is available in Black, Red, Blue, Gold, Silver, and even Purple!

NOTE: You likely need a longer chain than you currently have your bike as chain length is critical with the 49t and must be set according to the instructions on the GC tech page.

CAUTION: Always check full suspension travel with the chain on the GC 49. Bleed air from rear shock and fully compress the rear suspension to check. Derailleur cage must not bottom out in forward rotation.