Wheels Over Axle Adaptor Set, PRESS-3

Wheels Mfg

188.00 $ 199.00


Works in conjunction with Wheels Mfg sealed bearing press (TAH2WZ9991) to install 10mm ID and larger bearings into hubs with shouldered axles, always pressing simultaneously on both the inner and outer race of the bearing and preventing damage during the installation process.

  • This is an over axle kit for installing sealed bearings onto shouldered axles in most popular sealed bearing hubs (such as Mavic wheelsets) and works with 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 17mm and 20mm bearing I.D.
  • The PRESS-3 installs the following sizes: 6900-6000 10mm axles, 6901-6001 12mm axles, 6802-6902-6002 15mm axles, 6803-6903-6003 17mm axles, 6804-6904 20mm axles
  • Inner hole sized to fit 3/8" ACME threaded rod
  • Compatible with PRESS-1 or PRESS-4 handles
  • Made in the USA

* Sold individually (2 drifts required for some installations)

INCLUDES: Adapters for 12 different bearing sizes ranging from 10mm to 20mm:

  • 6900,6000 (10mm ID)
  • 6901,6001 (12mm ID)
  • 6802,6902,6002 (15mm ID)
  • 6803,6903,6003 (17mm ID)
  • 6804,6904 (20mm ID)