Wheels Bearing Extractor Essential Kit

Wheels Mfg

154.00 $ 160.00


Bearing extractors grip the inside race of a sealed bearing, allowing the bearing to be tapped out of the hub shell or frame component. These extractors remove sealed bearings with inside diameters from 15, 17, 20, and 25mm.

Insert the extractor into the bearing, tighten one side with a matching wrench, and the collet expands to grip the inside of the bearing. Tap the extractor & bearing out together with a punch and hammer.

All extractors are size-specific! If attempting to remove a bearing of a different size than the extractor, you will permanently damage or break the extractor. If the extractor is smaller than the bearing, try using a shim between the extractor and the bearing to get the tightest fit before tightening the extractor bolt.

  • Bearing extractor set for medium bearings
  • Made in the USA
4-piece Set Includes:
  • (1) 15mm ID Bearing Extractor
  • (1) 17mm ID Bearing Extractor
  • (1) 20mm ID Bearing Extractor
  • (1) 25mm ID Bearing Extractor
  • (1) Spare parts bag
    • (1) bolt set
    * Removes these Sealed Bearing sizes: 6002, 6003, 6804, 6805