TRP-42 Two-Piece 6-Bolt 2.3 Rotor


64.95 $ 69.95

TRP’s Two-Piece Rotors offer superior heat dissipation due to the aluminum center as well as excellent stiffness and lighter weight for added confidence in your braking. 
The Two-Piece is now combined with TRP’s new Slotted Rotor design with a 2.3mm thickness for DHR and E-MTB only. Six recessed slots create channels to allow water, mud, and other debris trapped between the pad and rotor to escape under braking. When debris gets trapped between the pad and rotor braking power is dramatically reduced, these recessed slots maintain a more consistent brake feel in mixed conditions.
  • 2-Piece stainless steel rotor with alloy carrier provides superior heat dispersion
  • 2.3mm Rotor thickness allows for more precise tolerance and keeps it running true
  • Six slots to remove water, mud, and debris
  • Two-piece design for heat management and stiffness
  • Stainless steel bolts included
  • Not compatible with all TRP brakes
Mount 6-bolt
Thickness 2.3mm
Color Silver/Black