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The iconic, progressive, and popular NEO 2T Smart has been optimized into an even quieter and more powerful Smart direct drive. The motor has been redesigned in order to provide a better indoor cycling experience and ride feel, especially during climbs and sprints. 

The ALL New NEO 2T Smart Trainer is more silent then ever thought possible and without question the most powerful, realistic, and accurate bike trainer to date. The NEO 2T essentially takes the Tacx NEO 2 Trainer and gives it more power with a combination of stronger magnets and tweaks to the magnet topology. These updates eliminate the ‘slip’ feeling that the Neo exhibited in the past when hard-sprinting at extremely low speeds. These updates also mean faster ERG mode responsiveness, making it way, way, way faster! 
Exceptionally Silent, Accurate, and Powerful Smart Direct Drive Trainer
  • Stronger Magnets: Giving it higher torque that eliminates 'the slip'
  • Thicker Wiring: Reduces the heat output and improves efficiency
  • Changing Wiring Topology: Reduces vibrations while reducing the sensitivity of manufacturing tolerances
  • Skewing of Magnets: Reduces vibrations and sounds overall
  • New Magnet Holder: Helps in manufacturing by increasing position accuracy, while also reducing vibrations
  • Improved stillness results in a nearly silent smart bike trainer with power and cadence accuracy within 1%
  • New motor design creates enhanced ride feel during climbs and acceleration, when riding at low speed or cadence
  • Now enables accurate pedal stroke analysis via compatible third-party software and Edge bike computers
  • Dynamic inertia compensates for weight and other factors to ensure a realistic and smooth ride
  • Road feel feature lets you experience the sensation of different road surfaces, such as cobblestone and gravel  

Tacx NEO 2T Smart takes the pinnacle of indoor bike training and raises it even higher. With an improved design and revamped components, it provides an immersive experience, wider pedal stroke analysis compatibility, and even more improvements that make it one of the most quiet, realistic and accurate bike trainers available.

Complete Stillness

Newly redesigned magnets make for a significant improvement in the stillness of NEO 2T Smart. Any noise generated from internal air displacement is greatly reduced, as well as vibrations that transfer to the floor at low cadence. The result is a smart trainer that’s quieter than ever!

Powerful Climbs and Sprints

The NEO 2T Smart Trainer features a new motor design that delivers more power at low speeds, resulting in a highly improved ride feel during a climb or acceleration.

Improved Pedal Stroke Analysis

While NEO 2 Smart was equipped with a capacitive left and right detection sensor that accurately measured the exact position of both your legs, NEO 2T Smart takes pedal stroke analysis to the next level by adding cycling dynamics with standard ANT+ connectivity, enabling you to analyze your pedal stroke via third-party software, including the software on our Edge bike computers.

A More Realistic Ride

NEO 2T Smart is designed to simulate an outdoor ride as realistically as possible. It reacts instantly to speed or incline changes and allows for several degrees of movement to the left and right while cycling, following the natural course of your body. It also features dynamic inertia which controls your mass inertia and compensates for weight, speed and angle of inclination to make your ride feel as realistic as possible. Use the Tacx software or Zwift app, and experience the road feel feature, it allows the trainer vibrate and simulate the feeling of riding on different road surfaces, such as cobblestone and gravel. And when connected to an external power source, descent simulation accurately simulates a downhill ride.

Powerfully Built

NEO 2T Smart is able to deliver during the most intense training sessions. Its design integrates 32 neodymium magnets that allow for a high brake force and high power levels. It can resist sprints up to 2,200 watts and simulate climbs up to a 25% incline. It generates energy from your own cycling movement, meaning there’s no need for an external power source or a plug. No matter how intense your workout, this bike trainer is built to last. The rear axle has also been redesigned, making this trainer compatible with more bikes - without the need for adapters.

Accurate and Reliable

The NEO 2T Smart Trainer is designed to provide a reliable, accurate, and consistent measurement of your speed, cadence, and power, so you can keep track of your performance and progress. This smart trainer doesn’t require calibration, and it measures your data with a maximum deviation of 1%.

Fully Connected

The trainer communicates via BLUETOOTH Smart Technology and ANT+ FE-C Protocol, making it compatible with a number of popular training apps. Ride a famous cycling route in the Tacx software, take on the virtual worlds of Zwift, or use other platforms such as TrainerRoad. You can also use the trainer in stand-alone mode. When not connected, it will simulate a flat road; the faster you ride, the higher the resistance. Connect to multiple devices simultaneously, so you can enjoy the software while tracking performance on your Garmin bike computer.

Train Your Way

NEO 2T Smart harnesses the innovative power of the Tacx indoor training software. Enjoy your time in the saddle with a library filled with more than 100 high-quality videos that let you experience the rush of riding the steep hills of the Alps or the cobblestone roads of Bologna. Take advantage of efficiently structured training plans, designed for your fitness level to help you meet your unique goals. Race against live opponents, upload GPS data, and ride on 3-D maps, create your own workouts based on slope, power, heart rate, or FTP, and show off on Strava.

Smooth Ride Feel

NEO 2T Smart is responsive and reacts instantly to speed or incline changes. It also features Dynamic Inertia which compensates for weight, speed, and angle of inclination to ensure the most realistic and smooth ride feel possible.

Compatible with Many Axles

The rear axle of the NEO 2T Smart is redesigned in order to make it compatible with more bikes, without the need for adapters. It is directly compatible with all bikes (additional adapter required only for 135x10 135x12)

Road Feel

Experience the vibrating sensation of riding on cobblestones, gravel, and many other road surfaces. This immersive feature is unique to the NEO series and can be used in Tacx Films and Zwift.

Descent Simulation

At the top of a hill or mountain, there is always that exciting feeling of accelerating into a descent. The NEO 2T Smart accelerates into descents giving you exactly that feeling! 

Stable Yet Flexible

The design of the NEO 2T Smart allows a few degrees of movement to the left and right while cycling. Its frame follows the natural course of your body, bringing you a certain freedom of movement that improves the cycling feeling. 


Type of Trainer Interactive Smart direct drive with motor brake
Magnets 32 Neodymium magnets
Transmission None
Firmware Upgradable Yes
Suitable Cassettes Not suitable for Specialized SCS system , Shimano & SRAM: 8 - 12 speed. Campagnolo, SRAM XD and XD-R body sold separately
Suitable Axles Width of rear fork: Race 130 mm, MTB 135 mm, 142 mm & 148 mm. Adapter for 135 x 10 mm available.
Bike Fit Download PDF
Supplied With Front wheel support, Quick release for road bikes and mountain bikes (5mm), Direct drive quick release with adapter set 142x12mm & 148x12mm, 1 month Tacx Premium software


  • Electrical Requirement: 110-240 Volts
  • Power Indicator: Multicolor LED, Spot on floor
  • Connection Indicator: (ANT+/BLUETOOTH) 2 LEDs
  • Gear Ratio:
    • Chainring Set-up: up to 3 sprockets, teeth per sprocket, adjustable between 22 and 53
    • Rear Cassette: up to 12 sprockets, teeth per sprocket adjustable between 11 and 40
  • Q-Factor: 147 mm
  • Max Power: 2200 watt
  • Max Incline: 25%
  • Simulation of Decent: Yes
  • Max Torque: 88 Nm
  • Max Brake Force: 260 N
  • Flywheel: Virtual
  • Mass Inertia: Variable to 275.6 lbs (125 kg)
  • Calibration: No calibration needed
  • Footprint: 22.6" x 29.5" (575 x 750 mm)
  • Height: 21.7" (55 mm)
  • Weight: 47.4 lbs (21.5 kg)
  • Wireless Communication: ANT+ connectivity, BLUETOOTH wireless technology
  • Control By: Smartphone, tablet, ANT+ bike computers, stand alone, computer connection via ANT+ antenna
  • Output: Speed, Cadence, Power
  • Read Out On: Smartphone, tablet, bike computer, computer with ANT+ antenna
  • Accuracy: <1%



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