Surly Singleator




The Singleator mounts right up to your derailleur hanger and provides a simple, effective and adjustable means of tensioning the excess chain slack found in vertical dropout single-speed drivetrains. The Singleator features a triple-sealed spring, large cog capacity, chain guides, fully-adjustable chain line, floating pulley, and a stainless-steel pivot bushing. The main body is forged, so it’s strong. Designed with an 11-tooth pulley for smooth, quiet operation. In addition, it now works with both 1/8" (BMX) and 3/32" (geared bikes) Chains.

BEWARE OF IMPOSTERS! The Singleator is the Granddaddy and outperforms ALL others.

  • Triple-sealed spring, large cog capacity and chain guides
  • Stainless steel pivot bushing
  • Includes two springs for upward or downward tension adjustment
  • Do not use with a coaster brake, fixed gear, multi-cog or multi ring drivetrains

NOTE: Surly Singleator comes with PUSH DOWN Spring installed and PUSH UP Spring in packaging


  • Color: Black or Silver
  • Chain Compatibility: 1/2" x 1/8", 3/32", 9-Speed, Campagnolo 10, Shimano 10