Supacaz Bling Bar Tape


39.95 $ 42.95


Fusing performance and style, Supacaz delivers the only bar tape worth dreaming about. The Bling collection delivers the sexiest bar tape with that Supacaz performance, leaving nothing to compromise. Bling tapes are race ready and will be sure to turn heads. 

  • The perfect fusion of performance and style
  • Eva top layer is tacky, highly resistant to UV rays, climate, and sweat
  • Kush Foam middle layer maximizes the Kush feel from the thinnest amount of foam for comfort and control
  • Silicone Gel backing provides additional comfort and vibration dampening
  • Dampens and eliminates vibrations for the smoothest ride
  • Superior Hand Feel
  • Easy to Clean
  • Long Lasting PU Tape
  • Laser Etched Aluminum Bar Plugs
  • Rubberized Finishing Tape

* Includes laser etched aluminum bar plugs and rubberized finishing tape