Shimano HG/HG-X and IG Chains


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  • New generation 7901/6701/5701 chains (replaces 7900/6700) have improved, directional shifting plates for better road performance and a longer service life
  • 7901 (hollow-pin + ported inner/outer plates), 6701 (ported inner/outer plates), & 5701 (ported inner plate)
  • 7801/6600/5600 chains are recommended for Shimano 3x10sp (triple) drivetrains
  • M980/HG94/HG74 (HG-X) chains: directionally optimized with task-specific plates for Dyna-Sys, 10-speed mountain drivetrains (M980 utilizes hollow-pin technology)
  • Always use Shimano chain pins and a Shimano-approved chain tool when servicing Shimano chains
  • Always match HG chains with HG cassettes, IG chains with IG cassettes