SDG Slater Lock-On MTB Grips


17.99 $ 19.99


The Slaters' mid-density compound and slightly oval profile, blend light cushion with ergonomics and grip, further improved with subtle texturing. Raised yet slightly rounded diamond knobs add palm traction while the recessed grid helps channel moisture away to decrease the risk of slipping off the grips at an inopportune moment. The low weight also helps on climbs, shaving a couple dozen grams compared to your typical lock-on grips.

  • Integrated one piece lock-on grips with protective ends
  • Dual Density Design with proven diamond texture
  • Tapered design from 30mm at the center to 32mm at the ends
  • Tapered inner core to help prevent slippage
  • Lightweight, only 42g
  • Multiple Colorways 
  • Size: 130mm