Reverse Escape Pedals


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The Classic Flat Pedal

The Escape Pedal is also known as 'THE Bike Park Pedal' because it's almost impossible to crack the body of the pedal. Despite countless contacts with stones and roots, the Escape Pedal remains sturdy and unscathed, so you and your pedals will be together, conquering the trails for years to come.

The combination of steel and aluminum pins, spread over a generous 100mm x 100mm pedal body provides an incredibly good grip as well as a safe stance on the pedal! The anti-rotate function prevents the pedal from spinning if you have to get your foot off the pedal in tight switchback maneuvers. 

  • 16mm thick CNC Machined Aluminum
  • Ball Bearings with DU Bushing
  • 16 Steel Pins & 8 Aluminum Pins per Pedal
  • 100mm x100mm (width x length)


  • Spindle: CrMo
  • Size: 9/16"
  • Weight: 400g
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