Reverse AirCon Disc Rotor


54.95 $ 59.95


Less Heat = More Power

Heat Management is a major problem for all brake systems. Reverse engineered the AirCon System - an efficient heat dissipation system for all brakes, to help alleviate this problem. 

The AirCon System is able to reduce the maximum temperature of the brake due to a clever, yet simple, 3 piece Disc Rotor with cooling fins. As a result, the temperature is reduced by 7% after one minute of braking, in addition the disc recovers to room temperature 20 sec faster.

This new technology gives your brakes amplified power due to the optimized heat dissipation, thus increasing their life expectancy.

Combine the AirCon Rotor with the all-new AirCon Disc Pads to increase the functionality of the system even further.

  • AirCon heat management system keeps the brake 7% cooler, for better braking performance
  • High performance steel braking surface, aluminum cooling fins and high strength alloy spider
  • International Standard 6-bolt Mount
  • Anodized/Laser Engraved
  • Material: Steel (Disc) / Aluminium (Cooling fins and Star)