POC VPD System Torso, Uranium Black


SKU: TAH3PC203961002MED1


Flexible, lightweight chest and back protection for every trail ride. Comprising a chest plate and a back plate, the VPD System Torso is constructed without a jacket or vest, giving a heightened level of comfort and freedom. However you wear it, the VPD System Torso gives lightweight, certified protection and versatility. Constructed using a 3D molding process, VPD System delivers exceptional impact absorbency Certified to EN1621 Standards while also providing outstanding ventilation. VPD material softens with body heat, providing exceptional freedom of movement, then on impact, the material hardens, giving outstanding protection.

      • 3D Molded combination back and chest protection
      • Certified to EN 1621-3 (chest), EN 1621-2 (back), Level 1
      • Minimalistic design with superior protection, no jacket/vest construction required which improves comfort
      • Large ventilation ports for maximum ventilation and comfort
      • VPD material for enhanced flexibility and protection
      • Extra shoulder straps (sold separately), provide the necessary support to be used as a winter sports back protector

    POC VPD System Torso, Uranium Black