POC Spine VPD Air Tee


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SKU: TAH3PC203341002XSS1


The Spine VPD Air Tee is a highly versatile back and elbow protector that offers maximum flexibility to riders who want to have protection and the highest freedom of movement. The 2-ply back protector is made using VPD technology and is certified to international standards and comes with a high level of ventilation and flexibility. Together with a light, certified, 2-ply VPD elbow protector, the VPD Air Tee ensures riders can have the best in protection, breathability and flexibility when riding.

VPD AIR - This protector system is anatomically shaped and hugs the movement perfectly. The material hardens in the event of an impact, effectively protecting against injuries. Then it returns to its original form. Due to the ability of the transition from soft protector to hard armor with extreme damping properties in the event of an impact, there is no longer a need to choose between freedom of movement and adequate protection. VPD AIR is processed with a hard-wearing stretch material and is therefore particularly flexible, breathable and light. The optimal combination of freedom of movement and security.

  • Light, ventilated back protector certified according to EN 1621-2
  • Extremely flexible and light VPD elbow pad - EN 1621-1 certified
  • Shock absorption
  • Ventilation system constructed within each layer to optimize moisture management and comfort
  • Low friction polyamide construction
  • High abrasion resistance
  • 50+ UPF sun protection

POC Spine VPD Air Tee, Black