POC Fornix MIPs Helmet, Uranium Black Matt


SKU: TAH3PC104761037XLX


The rumors are true... the original Influencer... the all-mountain helmet that needs no introduction... the Fornix has officially been updated for enhanced safety and performance with the inclusion of MIPs. 

The addition of MIPS brings enhanced rotational impact protection, while an extended shell that covers the helmet rim improves durability. With an updated internal shape for a more comfortable fit, the Fornix also features an improved size adjustment system that makes it easy for every user to find a secure and comfortable fit for all-day wear. In addition, adjustable ventilation now makes it easy to stay comfortable across a wide variety of weather conditions. A layer of aramid molded to the helmet liner enhances penetration protection, providing extra security while skiing deep in the wilderness. Goggle chimneys align perfectly with the top of POC Goggles allowing heat to escape and prevent fogging, while the goggle clip at the rear of the Helmet provides additional security.

  • ARAMID BRIDGE - An aramid bridge improves the structural strength of the helmet, giving improved protection against penetration.
  • MIPS - The addition of MIPS enhances rotational impact protection.
  • 360° Adjustment System - the 360° adjustment system makes it easy to find a comfortable, secure fit without changing padding.
  • Aramid Panels - improves the structural strength of the helmet and enhances penetration protection.
  • Adjustable Ventilation - The ventilation is fully adjustable for increased comfort in diverse weather conditions.
  • Goggle Chimneys - Vents in the helmet align with goggles to allow steam to escape.
  • PC Shell - An outer shell in PC gives strength and durability at a low weight.
  • EPS Liner - An EPS liner is optimized for crash protection at a low weight.
  • Fixed Goggle Clip - A fixed goggle clip gives extra security and keeps goggles firmly attached to the helmet.
  • Detachable Earpads - are easy to remove, ideal for warmer weather conditions.