Pinhead Quick Release Wheel Skewer Lockset, 4-Pack


82.95 $ 109.95


Pinhead Quick Release Wheel Locks protect both front and rear wheels. Once installed, the wheel locks remain on your bike, even when you ride. When you need to remove your wheels for servicing, your Pinhead key lets you do this quickly and easily.

Pinhead locks cannot be removed with tools such as hammers, pliers, picks, universal socket tools, grinders or bolt cutters. Our convex disc technology prevents your wheels from being removed by bike thieves.

Pinhead locks use a special coded key that comes with each lockset. The key is ergonomically engineered to install and tighten your locks, and also serves as a bottle opener. Each key is different, and comes engraved with a nine-digit code so it can be replaced if lost. 

  • Four-pack includes 100mm front and 135mm rear locking skewers, plus seatpost and stem lock
  • Seatpost collar includes shims to fit all seatpost sizes
  • Come uniquely keyed for increased security, ideal for the urban cyclist or commuter
  • Each lock is operated via a unique multi-combination key
  • Prevents removal of your wheels, seatpost, front fork, and stem from your frame
  • Protects your wheels, seatpost, and stem for a fraction of their replacement cost
  • All components are precision forged from corrosion-resistant CrMo steel and aircraft aluminium alloys

* Quick release locks use a different type of key than solid axle locks

  • 100mm Front and 135mm Rear Wheel Locking Skewers
  • Seatpost lock with Seat Collar (Including shims to fit all seatpost sizes)
  • Headset lock
  • Coded key to prevent removal of wheels from frame