OnGuard Rottweiler Series Locks




Armored cable locks offer the lighter weight of a high strength steel cable with the aded protection of hardened steel that shrugs off attack from bolt and wire cutters. High strength twisted steel cable is permanently forged to an X2P Double Bolt lock head featuring new double rubber coated lock head covers for a comfortable grip and added protection against knocks and hits.

Ultimate protection for high crime areas

  • High-strength twisted steel cable encased in a cut-resistant hardened steel sheath that resists cutting
  • X2P Double Bolt lock mechanism provides ultimate pull resistance
  • Vinyl coated covering protects delicate finishes against scratching
  • Double rub-coated lock head cover provides better grip and protects against drops.
Includes: (5) keys (1 with micro-light and 4 regular keys), plus OnGuard's anti-theft protection plan