Mucky Nutz Skinz Frame Protection

Mucky Nutz

32.59 $ 35.00

Mucky Nutz Skinz Frame Protectors were designed to protect your bike's exposed areas against knocks and wear, commonly picked up on the trails and in transit, the seventeen patches can be used independently or in harmony, letting you decide what areas to protect.

  • Manufactured using a 300-micron composite vinyl that offers outstanding protection and crystal clear graphics for your frame, fork, or stays of your bike
  • High performance and eco-savvy clip, clout, clobber, chip, chafe, crash protection for your precious bike bits
  • Universal fitting suitable for alloy and carbon frames
  • Cadmium-free construction that uses eco-friendly ink
  • Super clean and easy installation and removal
  • Exceptional clarity and stylish designs
  • Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK; the land of muck

We spent forever (and a bit longer), sourcing the right materials but we are happy as pigs in (muck) with the end product and hope you will be too. Using materials typically used on Motocross, Karts, ATVs, Snowmobiles, and Jet Skis with a strong, clear pressure-sensitive adhesive that is super clean and easy to apply and remove, the end result is a 300-micron composite vinyl (that's metric by the way), that offers outstanding performance and crystal clear graphics while also being pliable enough to conform to the endless contours of each and every bike frame.  

The 17 patches, ranging from 32 x 28mm to 330 x 65mm, are compatible with most bikes,... not just mountain bikes.


  • 17 Patches:
    • 1 x Top Tube/Down Tube Protector
    • 2 x Top Tube/Down Tube Protector Joints
    • 8 x Top Tube/Down Tube/Seat Tube Patches
    • 2 x Stay Protectors, and
    • 4 x Cable Rub Patches

 Mucky Nutz Skinz Frame Protection

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