MRP Ramp Control Pro Adjust Cartridges


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The all-new Ramp Control PRO upgrade cartridges pair MRP’s acclaimed Ramp Control technology with traditional air-spring volume adjustment. Ramp Control PRO cartridges feature a threaded bottom which interfaces with MRP’s Huck Puck volume spacers - also found in the Bartlett, Raven, and Ribbon SL forks. Air volume tuning allows you to dictate the baseline air-spring curve and Ramp Control provides a powerful way to control high-speed and ending-stroke performance. Together, it’s a robust package that puts you in precise control of your air-spring performance quickly and easily.
  • Adds speed-sensitive ending-stroke control and bottom-out force adjustability to compatible forks
  • Isolate and tune bottom-out with minimal changes to initial and mid-stroke
  • Easy installation requires little time and few tools - no lower-leg removal required

Huck Puck Compatibility Guide

Fox 36, Version F

Version F is a cartridge-only kit suitable for 2018 Fox 36 forks of all travel and wheelsize options. A revised air-spring design in Fox's latest 36 makes the Fulfill spring conversion included in Ramp Control Upgrade Version D incompatible.
Fits 2018 and newer Fox 36 Float forks with the FIT 4, RC2, and Grip dampers. Recommended for 140-180mm 29”, 27.5+, and 27.5” forks.

RS 35mm Ramp Control Cartridge Model B

Fits 2015 and newer Pike forks with "Boost" 15x110 axle spacing and all 2017 and newer Pike forks (regardless of axle spacing).
...fits all 2017 and newer Lyrik and Yari forks. 
...fits all 2017 and newer Revelation (35mm).
Solo air and Debon Air models only. Recommended for 140mm+ 29”, 27.5+, and 27.5” forks.