Miles Wide Duck Flap Fenders

Miles Wide

12.95 $ 14.99


The Duck Flap mudguard has been keeping the quap off bikes and faces since 2014 and was voted Mountain Bike Actions’ favorite mudguard.

Duck Flap Fenders are versatile and rugged, and installs in seconds on the front or rear. A variety of mounting holes allow easy installation to a variety of frame styles. Including 4 zip ties to secure the Duck Flap instead of using Velcro Straps which will never get tight enough to prevent movement, resulting in paint blemishes on your Fork Crown and Lowers. 

The design also allows it to be fitted on the back of most SeatStays and ChainStays which will keep your shock and pivots crap free.

Don’t like Ducks? Turn it upside down.

  • Made with the thickest material so it feels like a quality piece of “plastic”.
  • Lightweight design uses no heavy hardware to install - just zip ties.
  • A simple plastic fender that can be used on either the front or rear of the bike with styling to match your ride
  • Made in the USA