Manitou Mezzer Pro 27.5" Fork


925.00 $ 1,099.99


  • 37mm stanchions, Reverse-Arch design and Hexlock SL2 axle for the ultimate stiffness
  • Fully adjustable IRT (Infinite Rate Tune) Volume Adjuster allows control over the mid-stroke support and bottom-out progressivity independent from initial spring rate to independently tune small bump sensitivity and big-hit performance
  • Sealed MC2 Damper offers separate high-speed and low-speed compression adjustments for quick and precise, on-the-trail tuning. Utilizing a bladder, the new sealed cartridge maintains damping consistency in the most severe riding conditions.
  • Originally developed for the Dorado Down-Hill Fork, the Dorado Air Spring offers ultimate sensitivity featuring a self-equalizing negative air spring. When inflating the fork both the positive and negative air chambers are filled simultaneously equalizing the pressures to create an incredibly supple feel
  • 140mm to 180mm internally adjustable travel in 10mm increments (travel spacers included)
  • Integrated flexible fender can be installed/removed by three small screws threaded into the arch of the fork

Travel Change Made Easy

The Mezzer is internally travel adjustable from 180mm down to 140mm. This is done quite easily by adding or removing the supplied travel spacers included in every box. For full details and step by step instructions visit the service manual found here

Dorado Air

The Manitou Dorado Air spring system contains a unique balancing valve that equalizes the positive and negative air chambers during the air fill process. This gives the spring rate a consistent feel without any flat or dead spots in the stroke, along with giving riders of different weights the same initial stroke feel.


Infinite Rate Tune (IRT) allows for advanced spring tuning by independently adjusting air pressures in the beginning and end stroke. IRT technology creates a secondary positive air spring that effects only the middle to end stroke of the fork. This allows the main air spring to be set to lower pressures for improved small bump sensitivity while maintaining mid-stroke support and moderate to aggressive end-stroke ramp-up.


The Mezzer features our fully sealed cartridge MC2 Damper technology that provides an independent HSC circuit providing an adjustable high-speed blow off point combined with a LSC circuit providing adjustment for chassis control and small bump sensitivity. This cartridge utilizes a bladder with a blow off valve to prevent rupture under high pressures and keep your damping controlled and consistent no matter the terrain.

  • Wheel Size: 27.5" (650b)
  • Steerer: 1.5" Tapered
  • Colors: Matte Black
  • Travel: Choose from 170mm or 180mm (Internally adjustable in 10mm increments)
  • Spring: Dorado Air w/ IRT
  • Compression Damping: MC² Bladder Cartridge
  • Rebound Damping: Sealed Cartridge TPC
  • Adjustments: Air, IRT Pressure, Rebound, HS and LS Compression
  • Bottom Out: Hydraulic Bottom Out, Rubber Bumper
  • Steerer: 1.5” Taper Only
  • Crown: Forged Aluminum, Hollow Bore
  • Offset: 37mm or 44mm
  • Axle to Crown Length: 574mm
  • Leg Diameter: 37mm
  • Leg Material: 7000- Series Butted Wall Aluminum
  • Brake Post Mount: 180mm (223mm Max)
  • Axle: 15mm x 110mm Hexlock
  • Weight: 4.4lbs, 2000g
  • E-PAC: Yes 44OS 140-180