Light and Motion Vis 180 Pro Rechargeable Taillight

Light and Motion


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One of the brightest taillights on the market, the Vis Pro features a high output red light with dedicated amber sidelights.

  • Dual LED array to maximize visibility
  • Secondary LED spreads amber light for 180 degrees of visibility
  • Simple and secure seat-post mounting allow tool-free swapping between bikes
  • Rechargeable (Fully charges in 5 hours)
  • Micro-USB offers a 5 hrs charge time virtually anywhere
  • Ultralight Aluminum body
  • Pulse/ 150/ 6 hours | Pulse/ 75/ 12 hours Solid/ 125/ 4 hours | Pace-line/ 5/ 32 hours
    • Pace-line Mode turns off rear light but maintains sidelights for group riding
    • Battery: Rechargeable
    • Color: Black Raven
    • Recharge Type: Micro-USB
    • Weight: 102g