KS LEV 272 Dropper Seatpost


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Thanks to this LEV design, you can fit a dropper to your bike without the need for a oversized seattube. The versatility of the LEV design allows clean cable routing on bikes not intended for dropper posts. When the remote is pushed, there is zero cable movement as the post cycles, keeping the housing away from legs and linkages. The external routing allows the easy removal and installation of the post, which can benefit riders who frequently travel.

  • Cable will not move as the post moves through its infinitely-adjustable ride height
  • KGSL carbon remote can replace an inner ODI lock-on clamp, or can be mounted as a stand alone
  • Seatpost head is adjustable to change orientation of cable routing
  • Hard anodized stanchion


    • Diameter: 27.2
    • Travel (mm): 100 mm
    • Length: 400 mm
    • Max Height: 270 mm
    • Min Height: 161 mm
    • Offset (mm): 0 mm
    • Actuation: Cable Remote
    • Cable Routing: External
    • Adjustment: Infinite
    • Remote Position: Left , Right
    • Color: Black
    • Defined Color: Black
    • Clamp Style: Std Rails
    • Weight: 532 g

    KS LEV 27.2 Manual
    KS LEV Diagram
    KS LEV 27.2 small parts