Kogel Bearings PF30-24 GXP Alloy Bottom Brackets

Kogel Bearings

187.49 $ 219.99


High-quality hybrid ceramic bearings with specially designed cups to allow for the smoothest and longest-lasting bottom brackets.

PF30-24 GXP: fits all 24mm spindles on a PF30 frame and includes a step-down 2-piece non-drive-side reducer for use on GXP spindles. 

Choose from:

  • Road - for low friction designed for Road use
  • MTB - for weather-resistant seals designed for  MTB, Cyclocross, or Commuting use


  • Model: PF30-24 (MTB)
  • Interface: 24mm GXP/Shimano
  • Shell: PF30
  • Width: 68/73mm