Kogel Bearings Crankset Preload Adjuster

Kogel Bearings

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Kogel's Crankset Preload Adjuster is one more way of giving you some peace of mind knowing this part is not going to break like the plastic adjuster that came stock on your crankset. And, giving you one more way to make your bike uniquely yours.

What's a Crankset Preload Adjuster?

Essentially, a Crank Preload Adjuster takes up any slack between your crank arms and your bike frame to ensure your bottom bracket doesn’t creak or wear out prematurely. It sits just inside your left crank.

Kogel Bearings Crankset Preload Adjuster

About our Crank Preload Adjuster

To complement our incredible bottom brackets, Kogel created a Podium-Grade Crankset Preload Adjuster made from aluminum and titanium hardware.

Our Crankset Preload Adjuster works with 30mm and DUB Crank Spindles like those from SRAM, RaceFace, and Easton and includes the spacer ring, thread ring, and a 2.5mm hex bolt.

Tech Specs

  • Fitments - Fits Sram, Easton, and Raceface 30mm Spindles, Fits SRAM DUB 28.99 Spindles
  • Threads onto the crank arm and backs off to remove play
  • Constructed for Guaranteed Performance
  • Thread Ring - Aluminum
  • Fastening Bolt - Grade 5 Titanium 2.5mm hex
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