Kogel Bearings BSA-30 Threaded Cup Bottom Bracket: Black

Kogel Bearings

170.49 $ 199.99


High quality hybrid ceramic bearings with specially designed cups to allow for the smoothest and longest lasting bottom brackets

BSA30Fits 386EVO, Race Face Cinch, Easton, Rotor 30mm, Campagnolo Over Torque, and Zipp crank sets. 

Choose from:

  • Road - for low friction designed for Road use
  • MTB - for weather resistant seals designed for  MTB, Cyclocross, or Commuting use


  • Model: BSA-30
  • Interface: 30mm (Cinch, Rotor, 386EVO, Campy OT)
  • Shell: English
  • Width: Variable - No Sleeve