Kogel Bearings BSA-24 Threaded Cup Bottom Brackets

Kogel Bearings

159.95 $ 199.95


High-quality hybrid ceramic bearings with specially designed cups to allow for the smoothest and longest-lasting bottom brackets. This bottom bracket fits a Shimano crank on a classic BSA threaded mountain bike frame.

  • BSA-24: Fits all 24mm spindles on a BSA/English threaded frame and includes a step-down 2-piece non-drive-side reducer for use on GXP spindles. (alloy cups)

For road bikes, choose road seals, for CX and commuter bikes, or if you frequently ride on wet roads, choose cross seals.

*The gold color is part of small batch production, once it sells out there is no guarantee we will produce them again.

*Note: TAH2KB4605 is a Cyclocross (CX) BB that utilizes (MTB) weather-resistant seals, but uses 68mm Road cups


  • Model: BSA-24
  • Interface: 24mm GXP/Shimano
  • Shell: English
  • Width: 68/73mm or 68mm
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