Kogel Bearings BB30-24mm Bottom Brackets

Kogel Bearings

156.95 $ 199.95

BB30-24 for Rotor 24mm Cranks
High quality hybrid ceramic bearings and specially designed cups for the smoothest and longest lasting bottom brackets available
  • BB30-24: Fits all 24mm Spindles on a BB30 Frame and includes step-down 2-piece Non-Driveside Reducer for use on GXP Spindles. (see included instructions for spacer and reducer configurations - alloy cups)
  • Fits a Rotor 24mm Road Crank to a 68mm BB Shell or a Rotor 24mm MTB Crank to a 73mm BB Shell
  • Choose (Road) for low friction designed for Road use, or (Cross) for weather resistant seals designed for MTB, Cyclocross, or Commuting use
* Choose Road Bearings for Road Bikes, Cross Bearings for MTB Bikes and Cyclocross... or even for Road Bikes if you frequently ride on wet roads