KMC X9 9-Speed Chain


22.00 $ 25.00

Solid pins, inner and outer plates make for an economical chain choice with all the performance of higher-level X-Series Chains.
  • Double X bridge shape with inner and outer plate chamfering for smooth and fast shifting
  • Mushroom riveted pins for the highest pin power and allow shifting under heavy loads
  • Stretch Proof heat treatment so the chain last longer and goes farther
    • X9.93: Upgraded version of the Z-9000 chain stretch-proof, super-narrow chain for use with a 9-Speed
    • X9.99: Superlight chain for use with 9-speed, 252g
Model X9
Chain Connection Type
Reusable Master Link
Speed 9sp
Size 11/128"
Width 6.6mm
Links 116