Kinetic inRIDE Watt Meter For Kinetic Trainers


89.99 $ 99.00


The Kinetic inRIDE delivers an accurate, wireless, uploadable, power training solution at an affordable price.

  • ⋅ Allows precise wattage readings at exact speeds as measured indoors on a Kinetic fluid trainer
  • ⋅ Features five different data screens to focus on wattage or heart rate
  • ⋅ File sharing allows users to upload training data
  • ⋅ Sensor Pod measures speed and cadence at the tire and translates that to wattage
  • ⋅ iPhone and case and bike mount not included
  • ⋅ IN THE BOX:
    - Kinetic inRide sensor
    - Kinetic inRide Heart Rate Monitor
    - Batteries
    - Trainer roller magnet
    - Kinetic inRide iPhone App (free at Apple App Store)
    - 2-year warranty