Hope 5mm Tubing Kit


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- 5mm Kevlar reinforced (black) hydraulic tubing: DOT-3/4 compatible
- Reusable stainless steel fittings with copper sealing washers
- Tubing kit (HT-1020) includes: cut-to-fit 1600mm tubing; (1) M6x1mm 0-degree inline (lever); and (1) M6x1mm 90-degree banjo (caliper) fitting kits with copper sealing washers
- Fitting kits (HT-1031/1032) include: all needed pieces to connect hose to caliper or lever assembly (for 5mm black hose - not braided)
- Updated (2005-1/2+), 5mm tubing diameter and matching fittings fit all year Hope brakes with same caliper/lever interfaces (do not use with 6mm tubing or fittings)