Fyxation Gates Pedal and Strap Kit Combo


52.95 $ 56.95


The Fyxation Gates Pedal Strap Kit is an all-in-one pedal/foot retention system designed by Fyxation to let you grip it and rip it. Ideal for big air, sprints, or simply trying to making it to work on time.

Pedal Straps and foot retention systems are the ideal alternative to flimsy toe clips and straps.  Rather than having to guess which straps work with which pedals, Fyxation is pleased to bring you the first pedal/strap combo made by one company. The Gates Pedal Strap Kit combines the best features of the Gates Pedal with the durable Gates Pedal Strap.

The Gates Pedal Strap is a secure and easy to adjust alternative to toe clips and straps. Made from durable 2" nylon seat-belt webbing and an extra-long top strap, the Gates Pedal Strap is tough enough for freestyle tricks and comfortable enough for the morning commute. Built for all styles of riding and is secure, adjustable, and easy to install. Designed to address the short comings of some of the other pedal straps on the market, the Gates Pedal Straps are are easy to install, built with an extra long top strap to fit most shoes/boots, and most importantly these straps are affordable!

Fyxation Gates Nylon Platform Pedals paired with Fyxation Gates Pedal Strap Set makes for an affordable user-friendly foot retention system.

  • Impact grade nylon construction with 10 in-molded surface pegs per side for superior traction and longevity compared to cheaper poly-carbonate alternatives: 22.5mm height / 105mm width
  • CrMo spindle axle with a serviceable loose-ball bearing system for easy maintenance
  • Wide and durable, 2" reinforced nylon seat-belt webbing upper strap with a smooth metal sizing buckle and 1" dual/lower run-through straps for retention control and comfort
  • Includes black pedal strap sets
Pedal Features
  • High impact nylon body built to take abuse
  • 9/16" spindle
  • Re-buildable loose ball bearings for easy maintenance
  • Molded surface pegs for a super grippy ride
  • Compatible with most foot retention systems
Pedal Strap Features
  • Wide 2" upper strap made of durable nylon seat-belt webbing
  • Long top strap length for perfect adjustment
  • Stiff lower strap designed to retain shape
  • Pedal Type: Platform
  • Pedal Spindle: 9/16"
  • Spindle Material: Chromoly Steel
  • Weight: 460 g
  • Pedal Body Material: Plastic