Elite Custom Race Water Bottle Cage




CUSTOM RACE Water Bottle Cage is the first-self-adjusting bottle cage that adapts to the diameter of the bottle. Its features turned it into the most used bottle-cage by Pro Teams worldwide.

Unmatched Evolution

CUSTOM RACE is ideal for all types of terrain, even the steepest ones, as it firmly holds the bottle in place while maintaining great adaptability to the shape of the bottle, with easy insertion and extraction.

The fiber-reinforced (FRP) painted composite material structure on the Custom Race absorbs vibrations and holds the bottle in place.

The first that adapts to the bottle

CUSTOM RACE is the first-made bottle-cage capable of self-adjusting along the diameter of the bottle thanks to its innovative system, which adapts to the shape of the bottle during insertion.

These elastic properties make it easy to extract the bottle from the front or the sides. 

  • Elastomer joint expands and contracts depending on width of bottle used
  • Molded fiberglass-reinforced construction diameter of the bottle
  • Adjustable elastomer rubber helps to absorb vibrations
  • Works well with small and sloping frames
  • Cage Material: FRP
  • Diameter: 74mm
  • Mount Type: Bolt-On
  • Weight: 40 g