Deuter Streamer Reservoir


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SKU: TAH29D990130


The Deuter Streamer Hydration Bladder is made of food grade PEVA antibacterial material. making it resistant to pressure and wear. It is non-chlorinated, 100% odorless, non-toxic, tasteless, and safe for alcohol.

The Deuter Streamer will be your go to for staying hydrated without slowing down, making it the perfect companion for bikers, hikers, and endurance athletes, allowing you to stay continuously hydrated without breaking your stride. The taste-free bladder and tube are constructed of a material with unique molecular properties that create an inner surface as soft and smooth as glass. The softness of the lining prevents the adhesion of germs and lime, allowing the bladder to keep water for days and even weeks without changing the taste. These molecular properties make the system very hygienic and easy to keep clean, promoting good health. Additionally the full width top opening makes filling easy and cleaning a breeze, while the strong sliding clip is absolutely leak-proof.

  • Top performing hydration system with technology from Source Vagabond.
  • Helix Valve enables a constant flow of liquid
  • Taste Free bladder - a special film with an inner surface as smooth as glass, holds water for days and even weeks without changing taste
  • Due to the special molecular properties of the bladder, this system is very hygienic, easy to clean
  • Taste Free Tube - special co-extruded tube has a glass-smooth inner surface without any taste
  • Streamer Clip facilitates quick opening and sealing without leakage - full width top opening allows you to easily fill, clean, and dry the bladder
  • The drinking straw is a perfect length which allows you to drink with ease without having to bend or reach
  • An easy pull of cap provides quick access to water and guarantees leak free wear