Prestacycle Alloy CO2 Mini Pump




Prestacycle's Alloy CO2 Mini Pump is a tiny pump (only 35 grams) with a compression ratio enabling you to reach 120psi without straining.  The smaller design simply means more strokes, not a lack of pressure. It attaches to a CO2 Head to work as a pump when you've run out of CO2. This would serve as your "spare" CO2 only it's lighter, and never runs-out. This saves space and weight over carrying an entire pump.


The ENDLESS Spare CO2 Cartridge!

The Prestacycle Alloy CO2 pump is the end of CO2 range anxiety.  CO2 is great for fast, high pressure fill-ups, however, when you’re out, you’re out of luck!  You can carry as many Cartridges as you think you need, now your last one can be endless.

Same space as a cartridge, but lighter

CO2pump takes about the same space as a cartridge, but weighs only 35 grams.  Unlike pumps, why waste space and weight to carry a pump head?  Your CO2 Head is already a pump head with CO2pump.  Although small, CO2pump is engineered to service high pressure.  We designed a tiny pump with a compression ratio that enables you to reach 120psi without straining.  With our design, smaller simply means more strokes, not a lack of pressure.

Compatible with most brands of CO2 Heads*

Got a favorite CO2 Head?  Already own one?  CO2pump works great with most Heads.  Simply attach the pump like a cartridge, open the valve and start pumping.  *If your Head is a push-to-inflate head, you will need to hold the “push” action open while pumping.

CO2pump is so much faster – than walking

No matter what goes wrong, inflation will not be the problem that keeps you flat.  CO2pump will get you back on the road.

  • Replaces your spare CO2 Cartridge with a backup that never runs out
  • Same overall space as a CO2 Cartridge, but much lighter
  • Use your CO2 Head, no need to waste space and weight with a full pump
  • Compatible with Many Heads (Push to inflate heads must be held open)
  • Engineered with a compression ratio to easily reach 120psi
  • End CO2 range anxiety, So much faster than walking!
  • Presta ONLY - most CO2 Heads only work on Schrader valves with high Cartridge pressure


  • PSI: Reach up to 120psi
  • DIMENSIONS: 111mm (4.4″) x 20mm (0.8″) diameter
  • WEIGHT: 35g