CEP Recovery Pro Men's Compression Socks



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Higher, faster, further... Optimize your runs with targeted medi-compression and recover faster after intense training. The Recovery Pro Socks for men are the ideal running socks thanks to their perfect fit, compression effect, and functional blend of materials. What’s More - these sports socks guarantee superior wearing comfort between workouts and are designed for everyday use.

Compression for improved blood circulation and nutrient supply to muscles

The targeted compression in the foot, ankle, and lower leg area improves oxygen transport, increases circulation, and optimizes nutrient supply. This gives you more energy for your training and helps you recover faster. The compression makes the Recovery Pro Socks the perfect travel companion – like on long-distance flights. They give you noticeably lighter legs, even when you’re not working out.

Functional blend of materials

Made of polyamide and a very large share of spandex, these socks reliably wick away moisture and guarantee a pleasantly dry running experience. They also stretch, precisely wrapping around your feet and legs to prevent pressure points and blisters.

Go longer and recover faster

You constantly push your limits when you train and your running socks should support you all the way! With the Recovery Pro Socks you benefit from non-stop fresh legs, giving you enough energy to surpass your goals. The compression helps your legs recover faster so that you are ready for your next run in no time!

  • Recover faster after strenuous activities thanks to the accelerated removal of metabolic waste
  • The anatomical design and high-quality blend of materials guarantee superior comfort
  • The activating compression increases circulation – for non-stop fresh-feeling legs
  • Encircles your muscles with fully graduated compression
  • Designed for temperature regulation
  • High-tech synthetic fibers reduce moisture and add durability
CEP Tall Sock Sizing Chart

  • Gender: Men's
  • Color: Black
  • Material: 63% polyamide, 37% spandex