Braking Incas 2.0 Disc Brake


399.95 $ 419.95

Braking presents the evolution of their top-range Incas Braking System with the introduction of Version 2.0. The significant difference with previous version is the ability to mount a 3mm thick disc in combination with a caliper that has a ventilated spacer. Always Made in Italy, Always Designed for E-Bike, DH, Enduro, and Cross Country, featuring several new enhancements.
  • A unique hydraulic ratio results in higher operating pressure and less movement at the lever compared to a normal braking system. This offers sensitivity on the rider's finger but reducing the muscular effort of hands and arms
  • Master cylinder and caliper machined from billet and CNC machined with high quality finishing
  • 5mm braided Kevlar and steel hose maintains the optimal braking power that characterizes the INCAS system
  • 26mm caliper pistons float on 4x4 mm square o-rings derived from the motorbike industry
  • Front and Rear Standard fit 1.9mm Rotors

* Rear is offered in a special 3mm kit that allows use of thick, 3mm rotor for optimal heat dissipation and increased power. 

  • Caliper: Post Mount
  • Rotor: Separate
  • Color: Bronze with Braided Silver Hose