Bosch Performance Line CX Drive Unit




Performance Line CX provides a unique eMTB experience. Compact, and lightweight with more power, combining high-quality materials with an enormously powerful drive and sophisticated sensors - adding a whole new dimension to eMTB riding on the trail.

Smart System Compatible... Performance Line CX Drive Unit

Since model year 2021, it features torque up to 85 Nm, enhanced motor control features and eMTB mode. 

  • 20 MPH, with Mounting Plate (Smart System Compatible)

Bosch Performance Line CX Drive Unit


More Torque

More powerful than ever: Increased to 85 Nm, the torque has a noticeable effect on riding behavior. It accelerates faster, particularly at low cadences, and makes uphill starts much easier. The eMTB rider has more power available for whenever it's needed.

Extended Boost

Impressive performance on the trail: Extended Boost is a unique function that helps you ride smoothly over roots, steps and stones, even when going uphill. With this function you can maneuver with greater ease and agility on challenging trails.

Perfect control

Ready for every challenge: The advanced eMTB mode ensures even better control on the trail, without having to switch riding modes. The motor responds much more sensitively to the rider's effort, especially in low gears, enabling an extremely sensitive start.

NEW Sporty efficiency

Choosing a sporty riding style can take you further with Tour+ mode. The riding mode rewards your slightly increased power input with greater energy efficiency: The harder you pedal, the more the drive will support you. If, on the other hand, riding is fairly easy, you'll receive less assistance. This means that the battery is discharged more slowly.

Natural riding dynamism

Perfectly controlled support: The powerful 32-bit processor enables sensor signals to be processed at high speeds. Performance can be controlled precisely, offering eMTB riders the best possible support in all riding situations.

Thermal stability

For extreme loads: The Drive Unit is extremely efficient and, thanks to the completely maintenance-free 16-pin BLDC electric motor featuring the latest bar winding, it is characterized by great thermal stability. This ensures constant performance even under continuous load.


Strong support

The eMTB bike motor is compact, lightweight, and extremely powerful, combining high-quality materials, an extremely powerful drive, and high-end sensors.

One step on the pedal and the power kicks in. The precisely delivered support of the Performance Line CX provides even greater riding enjoyment in every situation. No switching of riding modes, no overheating and optimized control: With a sufficient supply of energy from Bosch PowerPacks or the PowerTube and perfect information from the computer, your absolute focus is on a thrilling riding experience. Could you ask for more eBike enjoyment?

The Performance CX Drive Unit is the power benchmark among the drives. Weighing in at just 6.3 lbs, featuring a maximum torque of 85 Nm, it brings more riding enjoyment to the trail on demanding rides even though its particularly compact in size.

Icon with an arrow circling around an indication of 65 Nm

Max. torque

For powerful acceleration in a compact unit.

Bosch Performance Line CX Drive Unit

Maximum support

For a powerful push, extremely sporty riding and fast sprints

Bosch Performance Line CX Drive Unit

Drive Unit

Powerful support up to 20 mph, even on steep ascents.

Outstanding motor control

The multi-sensor concept enables a dynamic and responsive drive unit for precise acceleration and a unique trail experience.

Direct power transmission

Powerful riding performance right from the start and constant power delivery over a very wide cadence range.

Natural riding sensation

The new gearbox concept significantly reduces pedalling resistance when the drive is switched off and at over 20 mph.

Bosch Performance Line CX Drive Unit

Bosch Performance Line CX Drive Unit

Bosch Performance Line CX Drive Unit


Bosch Performance Line CX Drive Unit
Performance Line CX
(20 MPH)

System Bosch eBike System 2
Gear Type Derailleur System/Hub Gear System*
Support Level (%)

TURBO: 340
eMTB**: 140-340
TOUR: 140
TOUR+****: 60-340
ECO: 60

Max Drive Torque (Nm) TURBO: 85***
eMTB**: 85
TOUR: 50

TOUR+****: 85

ECO: 40
Max Cadence (RPM)     > 120
Start-up Behavior  Very Sporty
Max Support Up-to  20 mph
Gear Shift Detection   ja

6.3 lbs