Black Diamond Moji Lantern/Charging Station

Black Diamond

68.95 $ 79.95


Black Diamond's Moji Power Station is an ultra-bright basecamp lantern with a three-way power source, the Moji Charging Station also acts as portable power and charges handheld electronics via USB.

The Moji Power Station is a multi-functional, ultra-bright lantern for basecamps, campgrounds, and off-grid situations. Not only does it provide 250 lumens of power, it also charges handheld electronics via USB. The Moji Power Station's super-simple design features multi-power charging capabilities and runs off of direct AC (with adapter, not included), an enclosed rechargeable battery or standard AA alkalines. The Moji Power Station's portable power functionality also charges out via USB to keep cameras, phones and other small handheld electronics going strong while roaming far from home. A single power switch dims the light for optimal brightness, and a collapsible double-hook loop allows for easy hanging.

  • One QuadPower LED emits 250 lumens (max setting)
  • Frosted globe produces bright, ambient light
  • Unique dimming switch provides adjustable brightness
  • USB port charges handheld electronics
  • Collapsible double-hook hang loop
  • Runs on AC (with adapter, not included), rechargeable sealed lithium ion battery or standard AA batteries

Black Diamond Moji Lantern/Charging Station


    • Lumens: 250
    • Weight (with Batteries): 430 g (15.1 oz)
    • Max Burn Time: 50 H
    • IPX Rating: 4
    • LED Type: 1 TriplePower
    • Batteries: Li-ion or 2 AA