Bike Yoke DeHy Kit

Bike Yoke

46.00 $ 50.00

Allows you to optimize the ergonomics and reliability of your Reverb Stealth by replacing the bulky original hydraulic remote with a cable-actuating remote (sold separately).
  • Installation does not require any opening of the post´s internal hydraulics. Simply take off the original hydrulic hose and replace the lower unit with the DeHy assembly, then install the shift cable and remote for actuation
  • Compared to the original "Connecta-majic" quick-connect hose, the DeHy saves height, which can allow extra seatpost insertion into the seat tube


  • DeHy A1/A2 is compatible with all Reverb Stealth versions of model years (MY) 2011-2016
  • DeHy B1 is compatible with all Reverb Stealth versions of the latest Reverb B1 model (model year 2017)

Note: You can easily determine which version you have by looking at the upper tube (stanchion). A1/A2 versions have a completely black stanchion with no logo, and the B1 versions have a gold or silver ROCKSHOX logo on the upper tube.