Bar Mitts Road Pogie Handlebar Mittens: Externally Routed Shimano

Bar Mitts

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Bar Mitts offer these mitts for Shimano STI levers that have exposed shifter cables.

  • ⋅ Attach to bars, easily installed and removed for temperature changes
  • ⋅ The difference from small to medium is about 1" around the opening where your slide in, Medium to large is another 1" larger
  • ⋅ Fits road bars with Shimano STI levers that have exposed shifter cables
  • ⋅ 5.5mm neoprene w/nylon laminate on both sides
  • ⋅ Manufacturer's recommend sizing the Mitts is based more on girth than hand size
  • ⋅ Can be used with regular cycling gloves of varying thickness


    • Color: Black