Apidura Expedition Tool Pack: Dark Grey/Black (0.5L)


53.50 $ 59.00


Designed to store the essentials necessary to repair a mid-ride mechanical issue, the Expedition Tool Pack is a sleek, ultra-compact Pack that’s excellent for short rides and bikepacking adventures.

Fitting neatly under the saddle, the Tool Pack attaches securely with a velcro-backed Hypalon strap that’s effective even when exposed to road spray and grit (a weakness of traditional zippers and buckles).

Inside, there’s enough capacity for two spare road tubes, tire levers, a small multi-tool, and a CO2 canister. The exterior is protected by a tough, lightweight fabric that’s completely waterproof. Reflective graphics and a light attachment point add visibility in low light.


The Expedition Tool Pack is cut from a three-layer laminate fabric that was developed specifically for Apidura. The material is lightweight, and is highly resistant to tears and abrasion. Notably, it’s welded together at the seams, creating a watertight seal that ensures complete waterproofing.

The Tool Pack’s strap is reinforced with Hypalon, a rubberized nylon used to provide extra protection against friction and abrasion.


Wash by hand, using a mild diluted soap if necessary. Afterwards, let it air dry.
Do not machine wash, machine dry, or iron.


  • Ultralight construction, weighing only 40g

  • Hypalon-reinforced velcro strap gives a secure hold in all conditions

  • Light attachment point and reflective graphics for increased visibility

  • Wide opening, allowing easy access to contents when detached

  • Lightweight waterproof laminate, developed specifically for Apidura


  • MODEL: Tool pack saddle bag
  • CAPACITY: 30 cu in (.5L)
  • WEIGHT: 40 g
  • DIMENSIONS (L x H x W): 13 x 5 x 6.5cm