Afton Vectal Clipless MTB Shoes: Black

Afton Shoes

107.49 $ 119.99
SKU: TAH22A2020


Afton's Vectal Clipless MTB Shoes offer up plenty of variety when taking to the trails, they are ideal for those that like to take a break from their ride and travel by foot. The Vectal is able to fend off rough terrain and go thru rock gardens with ease thanks to their impressive levels of durability, reinforced heel, and enhanced protection. This off-road king is extremely soft and takes comfort levels through the roof. The Vectal is highly breathable and works to keep your feet dry no matter how explosive your approach to the berm is. Venting in the toes maximizes airflow around the entire shape of your foot, while the back strap provides an air mesh to reject debris. With moisture wicked away, pinning each and every jump is easier than kicking up roost. The Vectal is extremely thick and has a shank specifically designed for power transfers, providing a stronger cadence to ensure you pick up speed when desired.

Certain to provide the trail with its toughest opponent yet, defeating downhill rides and technical sections is simple with Afton's Vectal Clipless MTB Shoes!

  • Improved and accurate fit
  • Over-sized clip box and 35mm of clip travel allows all kinds of clip configurations without restriction when clipping in and out
  • Thickness ranging from 4mm to 12mm, the shank is specifically designed to transfer power into the pedal yet allow you to walk as normal as possible
  • Reinforced toe box with additional protective PU taping together protect your toes and shoes from rock deflections and impacts
  • Afton’s second generation Intact® rubber is more resilient and less susceptible to tears while keeping our Shore A of 60
  • Anti-microbial molded foam insole to control odor and for proper heel and arch support does not break down use after use