AcePac Saddle Bag Seat Pack


78.99 $ 84.19


AcePac's Saddle Bag Seat Pack is perfect for any epic bikepacking adventure whether it be one week or three. This lofty bag offers a whopping 16-liters of space to stash everything from an extra fleece blanket, to two-weeks worth of MREs. The bag is secured in place with three different straps made of Hypalon (2 secure to seatpost and the 3rd sits on top and holds tightly to the saddle rails). As if that wasn't enough, this pack also has a backup Hypalon flap that helps cinch down your valuables for a slip-free ride. 

  • Large capacity saddle bag capable of carrying almost anything but the dishwasher
  • Easily attaches to seatpost using large webbing straps and buckled straps around saddle
  • Bag bottom features a tarpaulin material to keep water and mud out
  • Multiple compression straps to secure the load
  • Includes waterproof liner bag to keep contents dry, daisy chains to hold additional gear, place for rear light, and top straps for bulky items
  • Constructed from Cordura Ripstop Ecomade tear resistant fabric
  • Capacity: 16 liters/ Weight: 690g