AcePac Bar Roll Handlebar Pack


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AcePac's Bar Roll Handlebar Bag is built to be tough and withstand the adventure ahead, without taking the planet for granted by using Cordura Ecomade Ripstop, made from recycled PET bottles, but with every bit as much abrasion-resistance as standard Cordura Ripstop. Its easy to open and close with its rolltop and can be adjusted to fit up to 16 liters of gear.

  • The Bar Roll easily stores bulky items while keeping them compressed to help eliminate wobbly steering
  • Installs on various style handlebars using two quick release mounts and includes spacers to eliminate the bag from interfering with cables
  • Bag bottom features a tarpaulin material to keep water and mud controllable
  • Designed with dual roll side closures to allow easy access to gear and minimize size if needed
  • Includes waterproof liner bag to keep contents dry and daisy chains to hold additional gear. Bag is expandable by using AcePac's Bar Bag (TAH2AO0020 & TAH2AO0021)
  • Constructed from Cordura Ripstop Ecomade tear resistant fabric
  • Capacity: 16 Liters / Weight: 450g