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The all-new ATB-2T was designed and engineered with the singular goal of building the safest MTB helmet possible.  The 3/4 shell design provides increased coverage, improved venting, lighter weight, and a sleeker profile than its predecessor while managing impacts better and more efficiently by means of its updated materials and ODS technology. 

  • Provides increased coverage, improved venting, lighter weight, and a sleeker profile than its predecessor while managing energy more efficiently over a broader range of energy demands
  • The ATB-2T reduces angular acceleration energy transfer by means of the 3-dimensional displacement capability of ODS when subject to impacts
  • Features: 3 position adjustable/ removable visor, integrated sunglass dock, goggle compatibility, adjustable fitment system, fidlock closure
  • The ATB-2T is Certified to exceed the EN 1078, EHSR/EU 2016/425, CPSC 16CFR 1203, AS/NZS 2063, and NTA 8776 E-Bike standards. Earned Virginia Tech 5 star helmet rating
  • Includes mesh travel bag


5-Star Virginia Tech rated and E-Bike Certified, the ATB-2T incorporates our 4th generation Omni-Directional Suspension System. Our award winning technology provides unmatched performance in Low Speed, Angular, and High Velocity Impacts encapsulated in a lightweight, fully ventilated trail helmet.

    The ATB-2T received 6D’s most optimized and efficient ODS System to date.  6D’s revolutionary patented Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS) technology embodies a fully active, in-helmet suspension and kinetic energy management system. The goal is simple... design a helmet that reduces energy transfer to the brain over a much broader range of energy demands, including LOW, MID, and HIGH-Velocity Impacts for both linear and angular accelerations. Engineered to uncouple the helmet’s exterior shell from the inner EPS liner, the system effectively mitigates energy transfer to the head and brain no matter how low/high the level of impact. The light weight system is highlighted by a new Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) multi-impact inner liner design featuring damping towers and a series of elastomeric isolation dampers. This combination provides progressive loading of the ODS system during impacts.  These parts in conjunction with a traditional Expanded Poly Styrene (EPS) outer liner provide the most complete energy management solution available today. 

    Angular acceleration force is proven as the primary cause of concussion.  6D’s Omni-Directional Suspension ‘uncouples’ the helmet from the headform by means of its suspended dual liner technology.  The suspended liners shear omni-directionally when subjected to oblique impacts thereby reducing the transfer angular acceleration force to the head and brain during an accident

    Low Threshold Impacts
    The vast majority of real-world helmet strikes qualify as low-threshold energy impacts. These are impacts below the certification pass/fail thresholds, but severe enough to cause concussion or worse. To meet high-velocity certification requirements, traditional helmet designs and helmets incorporating add-in shear plane technologies such as MIPS are still too stiff to effectively absorb energy from impacts at lower velocities. Omni-Directional Suspension starts working the instant any force is applied to the helmet shell, dramatically reducing low-threshold energy transfer to the brain.

    High Velocity Impacts
    6D’s proprietary Omni-Directional Suspension consistently outperforms competitive designs across the entire range of potential impact velocities. 6D engineers the shell, ODS liners, and damper systems to provide the best possible impact mitigation performance across all impact velocities for both angular and linear accelerations

    What's New with ATB-2T?

    The ATB-2T received a number of updates to optimize rider performance and increase helmet durability when in the harshest of conditions.  They include…

    – 7% Weight Reduction (460g based on size M)
    – Integrated Sunglass Dock
    – 3-Position Adjustable Visor
    – Eye Wear / Goggle Compatible
    – Ionic+ Antimicrobial Comfort Liner
    – Fidlock Magnetic Closure
    – Proprietary Fit Adjustment System


    Creating a cooler, more comfortable ride was essential to the ATB-2T.  This has been accomplished by increasing intake and exhaust ports in both size and quantity over the ATB-1T as well as adding a new large brow intake port.  The end result is a significantly cooler helmet ready to be used in all environments. 


    The ATB-2T comes in three adjustable shell sizes and features an intermediate oval headform shape, the front to back measurement is slightly larger than ear to ear.  The helmet comes in three adjustable shell sizes.  Each ATB-2T comes with a fitment kit to allow riders to create a custom fit. 

    Proprietary adjustment system
    The ATB-2T features a proprietary adjustment mechanism developed in-house by 6D’s engineering team.  The mechanism allows for fine circumference adjustment as well as multiple vertical height positions.

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